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I wonder, do you enjoy photography as much as I do?  I love to capture the moment-Do you?

For as long I can remember I have had a camera and taken photographs. I purchased my first camera after I graduated from college and have not stopped taking photos since!

I am a registered nurse.  I was named the Massachusetts "Nurse of the Year-1995".
I spent the majority of my nursing career in the Special Care Nursery. Photography was an important part of my job, always trying to capture the sweet moment of mom, dad and baby. I am published  in  Ordinary Miracles in Nursing

I recently was accepted as a remembrance photographer for the Now I lay Me Down to Sleep organization. There is something special about giving this gift to the families. I am forever changed after providing this service.


After becoming disabled I continued photographing my 4 sons sporting and school events. Before long I started taking photos at all the high school sporting events, including making DVD season highlights for the different teams.My youngest graduated in 2010 and you will still see me volunteering my time on the different teams sidelines!
I have been inducted into the Merrimack High School Wrestling Hall of Fame eceived the 2014 Merrimack High School Athletic Appreciation Award!
When my youngest was getting ready to graduate one of his friend's mom asked if I would photograph him for his senior portrait...and nine years later I am still photographing seniors and their families. I totally enjoy going on the senior stroll, cameras in hand, getting to know the student as well as trying to capture their personality.

I love to be "Aunt Alice" at family and friends weddings and other fun events.

I have had my photographs published in several local newspapers and  in a national collegiate lacrosse magazine.  Photos are hung on the walls at a couple of restaurants, printed in the NH and Maine Camping Association Magazines  and in a college textbook!
I have donated my services to local charities....
Erica's Run supporting those with cancer in memory of Erica Pombrio 

Building Dreams for Marines

I love to laugh!
I love to knit and crochet! I am involved with 2 knitting organizations, donating items to our local needy. A crochet shawl pattern has been published The Crocheted Shawl Companion
I love to sew and make quilts!
I love to cross stitch!
I love to play the piano-I accompany the children's choir at my church.
I love my family!
I love camping!
I love the ocean and mountains!
I love to travel with my family and friends!
I love watching sports!
I love watching the sun rise and the sun set-meaning I got to live another day!

I love being a grandmother! Sierra is the sweetest!

I do not miss the wheelchair!

and most importantly I love making a memory!
Oh yes...and I do LOVE cookies!

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